Monday, May 9, 2016

CtBF ~ Salted Caramel-Chocolate Mousse

CtBF ~ Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse
This week for Cook the Book Fridays, we are making David’s luscious Salted Butter Caramel-Chocolate Mousse.  I was lucky enough to have eaten this in NYC last spring, when I and several Doristas went to see a David Liebovitz demonstration, promoting his new cookbook, “My Paris Kitchen”.
The meal was fit for royalty. However, by the time dessert was served we were all so full, we actually thought of skipping it. But then, I never skip dessert!! Especially when David Liebovitz and staff are preparing it. Believe me, it was totally worth the splurge!  I have been looking forward to making this exquisite mousse since that day.

Decadent velvety deliciousness
I found it easier than I expected. An important key to its success was having a mise en place.  All ingredients ready to go, because once you start, it moves quickly.  The most complicated part of this mousse is making the caramel. However, that too is pretty easy once you've learned the procedure. Most importantly, being careful not to burn the sugar, as you caramelize. Personally, it's a trick every baker should know. 
This recipe makes six very rich, velvety cups of mousse.  We loved it! It will definitely be added to my dessert repertoire. 

Since I made these the day before we left for Georgia to visit my grandsons and family. I decided to make them in Weck jars and take them along for everyone to try. That turned out to be a good grandsons were very happy with the results.  But then who wouldn't be happy with a cup of silky, smooth salted caramel chocolate mousse.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Post Script...It is now Monday and I have spent the weekend going to baseball games and enjoying my grandchildren. Sorry, I didn't get this up on time. 

This post participates with Cook the Book Fridays . To see what the other bloggers thought of this mousse, check out their links here.  This recipe has been shared with Epicurious by David and is posted here. If you're interested in cooking along, we would love to have you join us. Pick up a copy of David's cookbook, "My Paris Kitchen" and join the fun.

Whisking cream into the caramel
Relatively easy and quite impressive


  1. So nice that you were able to share the mousse with your grandchildren - lucky kids! I love the little Weck jars you used for them. They're so pretty and practical, too.

    Have a wonderful time visiting!

  2. Oh, boy, this mousse looks exquisite!! I need to crack open my cookbook---so many fabulous recipes!

  3. I am glad you had such a wonderful Mother's and Grandmother's Day week-end, Kathy. And, I am sure your family is glad you brought along the mousse. I agree with everything you said and wrote. In fact, our posts are very much alike. I also found the recipe easier than I expected. I also found it delicious and will be adding it to my dessert rotation. And, I used Weck jars. Love those little guys. I am so happy we choose to cook through this book, aren't you?

  4. What a delightful post with super nice photos of your super delish potted dessert! I enjoyed mine, strong chocolate flavor!

  5. The mousse looks fabulous! I love the beautiful colour contrast of berry and chocolate too.

  6. Beautiful photos! This mousse was a big hit with us too. It's hard to go wrong with salted caramel and chocolate!

  7. As you said, who wouldn't like this? Beautiful!

  8. Hi Kathy:)
    LOL, so much better going to baseball games and sharing such a delectable dessert with your grandchildren, Kathy. Your Mousse looks lovely. And we still got to revel in its deliciousness:)

    Thanks for sharing, Kathy...