Friday, May 8, 2015

FFWD ~ Seafood Pot-Au-Feu

FFWD ~ Seafood Pot-Au-Feu

This week for French Fridays, we are making our last seafood recipe, Seafood Pot-Au-Feu.  Although I’m glad to be done with the fish chapter, I’m sad to say there is only one recipe left on our journey to cook through Dories' book!  Since we are all reluctant to end this adventure, we will have a few celebratory weeks, and then it’s over! Four and a half years of cooking together. Making friendships I would have never imagined, when I blindly joined this group in October of 2010!

A week-night dinner turned special

Without further hesitation, here is our last seafood recipe! Dorie referred to this as "the classic pot-au-feu’s, lighter, brighter, quicker cousin, a dish for spring or summer”.  It was a perfect choice for this week! We have been enjoying spring temps in the low 80’s. I’ve been in my garden everyday, preparing the soil for new plantings. Having a fairly easy dish for dinner was a treat I was happy to enjoy!  I started the broth and veggies early in the day, which made getting dinner on the table quite easy! 
I found the cooking times to be a bit off in this recipe. My potatoes were not soft enough, after simmering for five minutes. However, I followed the recipe and continued as written. The broth was rich and delicious, and the combination of seafood in this pot-au-feu was wonderfully delectable.  Still, I found the veggies needed a longer cooking time.  I made the full recipe for the two of us, so we ate it as leftovers the next night. Viola! The veggies, having an opportunity to soften over night in the fridge, were much better the second day, and the flavors seemed to meld nicely. Some people don’t enjoy leftovers, but in my house we love them!  Happy Friday everyone!

Wonderfully delicious…if you make the broth and veggies earlier in the day…quite easy to put together for dinner!
 This may be the last seafood dish, but it certainly isn’t the least!
Loved this one!! 

This recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, “Around My French Table”. I found a very, very similar version on-line. So similar that I would credit it to Dorie, although the poster did not! To see what the other Doristas' think of this recipe check it out here.

Seafood Pot Au Feu

6 cups Chicken Broth
1 cup of water 
1 tsp. of minced ginger
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper
4-5 gold / red potatoes, quartered
2 large carrots, cut into quarters, and then sliced lengthwise
1 leek, sliced white and light green part only
1/2 lb of snap peas
4 green onions, sliced
4-5 large mushrooms, sliced
1 lb of mussels, cleaned and debearded
1 lb of sea scallops
1 lb of salmon

In a large dutch oven, heat the chicken broth and water. Bring to a boil, and simmer for 5 minutes, covered. Add the bay leaves and ginger, simmer for 5 minutes. Add in the potatoes and simmer for about 5 minutes, until a fork can pierce easily. Add the carrots, leek, green onions, and simmer covered for 5 more minutes. Add the sliced mushroom, and simmer another 5 minutes. Using slotted spoon, remove all the vegetables into a large bowl, set aside. With the heat on a low simmer, add the cleaned mussels to the pot, cover and cook for about 3-4 minutes, once the shells start to open, remove them to a large bowl. Once they're cool enough to handle, remove the mussels from the shells, and discard any that did not open. Add the salmon to the pot, simmer for about 6 minutes, covered. Add the mussels with any juices from the bowl, scallops and the rest of the vegetables including the snap peas. Cook on low for 10 minutes more. Serve and enjoy! 


  1. It looks beautiful. You always know just how to present things so nicely. I think my bucket list should include somehow managing to score an invitation to lunch at your place so I can eat from your lovely plates, use your beautiful silverware, and sip from your cups/glasses/stems! Now, let me think what I can use as a suitable bribe to get to do this...surely I have something great to offer. :-) xo

    1. Kayte, No bribe necessary! If you are ever in my area, I would be delighted to have you come for lunch or dinner! Or both! You would be disappointed though…the lovely silverware in the photo is only for photo purposes…that’s all I have. I do have some pretty dishes…I’m kind of a antique nut when it comes to lovely glass and dinnerware! Hugs! Happy Mother’s Day!

    2. Someday! And you, here, too! You can visit Liz and I in one fell swoop! :-) It was a wonderful Mother's Day, hope yours was as well! xo

  2. My daughter enjoyed the leftovers for a couple of days :-)
    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one - of course, with all that seafood, how can you go wrong?
    Glad to hear the warm weather has hit Jersey. It's been a beautiful week, hasn't it?

  3. I love leftovers too Kathy, and this would make a wonderful meal to have the second time!

  4. Your pot au feu looks so good - makes me want it all over again.

  5. Lovr this plate!
    Look really delicious"))8

  6. Yup, we love leftovers, too---but I kept this one all to myself (like I had any choice!). What you said is so true--I cannot believe we've been doing this for 4+ years. I consider all the Doristas such dear friends, too.

  7. All those succulent scallops!! I would love this too!

  8. What a colourful and delicious seafood dish :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Loved that picture of you and your Mom on Facebook, Kathy. Thank you for posting that. All your lovely photos really capture this dish and the Springtime they represent. Nice job with those and the Seafood-Pot-Au-Feu. We have neither fresh veggies nor good fish available in the mountains now - it's off-season and the purveyors are scarce. So, this month I've pretty much done some make-ups of recipes I knew we'd all enjoy. Thank you for reminding me of the Crackers. Did you see I gave you a acknowledgement nod in my Post. I suspected there was a little "Dutch" to the Speculoos. First time I've made them. Will be a constant. Happy Mother's Day, my dear.

  10. Lovely, Kathy! Your photos are perfect and make this meal so enticing. I must admit I am surprised that it uses chicken stock, rather than a fish fumé or even purchased fish stock. What do you think? I made tons of shrimp stock - don't you think that would work okay? I miss being so close to the ocean for meals like this... David

  11. You are on a roll with the most gorgeous recipes .

  12. I really enjoyed the leftovers of this as well! We eat lots of leftovers in our house. My potatoes cooked perfectly, but I actually think it's because I failed to read the instructions and diced them way too small.

  13. Kathy, beautiful presentation of the seafood pot-au-feu with all those wonderful bits of salmon, mussles and those plump scallops - wasn´t this a fabulous recipe?!
    Have a wonderful Mother´s Day tomorrow, dear friend!

  14. nice job it made me drool! Happy Mothers Day!

  15. I must agree with Mary, your photos bring out the beautiful colors of the ingredients. AND, you always
    have the greatest breads. I think that area of New Jersey and New York make the best breads, something
    I miss. Happy Mother's Day.

  16. Happy Mother's Day Kathy,
    Yours is the Springiest of the pot-au-feus so glad you had leftovers to enjoy.

  17. I think I'll miss FFWD vicariously! This dish looks amazing and great tip on letting it "mellow" overnight.

  18. I love leftovers! I try to cook once and eat twice. Have fun in your garden and enjoy the warm weather.

  19. Ah, the potatoes. That's the one thing I forgot to mention in my post--my potatoes were underdone. Oh well. Looks absolutely beautiful, Kathy! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!