Friday, October 31, 2014

FFWD ~ Osso Buco à Ľ arman

Dorie and I at Williams-Sonoma NYC
I just got back from an overnighter in NYC! We scheduled it about a month ago, so that we could take our son out for a birthday dinner! But as luck would have it, I got to see Dorie on the launch of her new book tour for "Baking Chez Moi". She was at Williams-Sonoma in Columbus Circle, a few blocks from our hotel. I got there early, because I didn’t want to stand in the back, or not get in at all…no problem! The store is one of the largest W-S’s I’ve ever seen. They had plenty of room for all of Dorie’s fans.

Dorie giving a wonderful demonstration on how to make Financiers
When I arrived, the staff at W-S seemed excited to have Dorie there, and quite welcoming!  I purchased my book on-line, but it hadn’t arrived yet.  I did bring my very well worn copy of AMFT, in the hopes Dorie would sign it for me.  I was early, so I walked to the back and saw her prepping.  Not wanting to disturb her, I smiled and waved. I then started chatting with a lovely young lady, who also came from New Jersey for the signing.  As we stood there talking, Dorie came over and talked with us for a moment. She signed a bookplate for my "Baking Chez Moi", and introduced me to her publicist, who was delightful, and fun to talk with.  Dorie was quite gracious, and posed for pictures with me. My hubby took three pictures (all out of focus)!  Oh well! I did get my AMFT signed, and a photo taken with Dorie, even if slightly blurry! When Dorie saw my book, she smiled and took a photo of it!  She said it made her happy to see such a well loved book, with so many book marks, and worn, stained pages.
Dorie did a wonderful demo on making Matcha Financiers (which we got to sample), as she talked about how she got started in the Cookbook business!  She told us she wasn’t a chef. I believe anyone who learned, and worked along side the great Julia Child, is more credentialed than most!  Education is education, whether in school or with a private tutor! The Financiers were delectable! We were also served some wonderful treats that Dorie and her staff made for the occasion.  Mixed Berry Cheesecake Coupes…they were amazing!  I hope you all get a chance to see Dorie on her book tour! It was really a fun night!

 Mixed Berry Cheesecake Coupes…a delicious treat sponsored by Driscoll Berries
Finishing  off the Financiers…

Now on to French Fridays! This week we made Osso Buco à Ľarman! Osso Buco literally translates into "bone with a hole".  Different from the Italian Osso Buco.  This version has a heavy orange flavor, due to boiling orange peel, then using the water as part of the sauce.
My local butcher was able to get me 4 beautiful veal shanks. They were not as expensive as in some areas of the country. Mine cost $13.49 a lb., and were worth every penny!  First, water and orange zest are boiled for a few minutes. While that mixture is simmering, start the shanks by browning them and sautéing onions, garlic, and herbs. Add canned tomatoes, along with fresh tomatoes and some of the water and orange peel that you have put aside. Four peeled, and sliced carrots are now added to the pot, and everything gets braised, undisturbed for several hours in the oven.  I served mine with a rice pilaf! This is one of the best dinners I’ve ever made from AMFT! Bill loved it, and I thought it was impressive and company worthy!  Happy Friday everyone!

This recipe can be found in Dorie’s cookbook, AMFT or here where it has been previously published. To see how the other Dorista’s did this week, check it out here.

Sauté the onions and garlic
Sear the Osso Buco
Finish the sauce by adding the tomatoes, orange water and carrots
Slid the meat into the sauce, cover with parchment paper, then the lid,  braise in oven for 2 hours undisturbed. 
This was a marvelous meal….company worthy!
Once the prep is done…this is pretty much a hands off meal…so enjoyable!
The meat was so tender, it just melted in your mouth! 
A winner in my house!
My copy of  Around My French Table…signed by Dorie


  1. Happy Friday, Kathy!!!
    I'm sure you were estatic meeting up with Dorrie and her book signing. I'm beginning to think you are one of her most devoted fans, lol...

    So, where was the birthday dinner, lol...

    The Osso Buco sounds like a winner with that orange sauce. I can't even imagine how yummy it must be.

    Thanks for sharing, Kathy...

  2. Kathy, I loved hearing the lowdown of your meeting with Dorie! She is the best, isn't she!? I wish she was coming to Indy. And we both got thumbs up from our Bills...this is definitely company, and even restaurant worthy!

  3. Kathy I love the photo of you and Dorie, so exciting. This must be a man's dish because all the husbands
    seem to like it. This is a favorite dish for us, usually like to have it for Christmas day dinner because
    I can prepare ahead of time and reheat. All your photos are wonderful. Happy Halloween.

  4. So touching that Dorie wanted a picture of your well loved book. What wonderful luck that you could be there for Dorie's signing... the photo is still terrific to have. It was amazingly tender and a very delicious meal minus a little orange... so glad you enjoyed it.

  5. How nice to see Dorie in action! She'll be in Boston in about 3 weeks. I'm hoping I can make it. I'm going to bring my AMFT for her to sign if I do. The osso buco was definitely company-worthy! I really enjoyed this one too, even if I didn't make it with shanks. Delicious! Have a great weekend, Kathy!

  6. Oh, Kathy - how exciting! John & I are going to see her on Wed. at the Westlake Culinary Institute (about 45 mins from here)! I'm sure she was thrilled to see you again.

    And, this recipe was really great - yours looks delicious!

  7. Glad you enjoyed your osso bucco. So glad you got to meet Dorie. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  8. I have never made osso make it seem so easy and it surely looks mouthwatering, Kathy.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. I love you were with Doris.
    I love her recipes and I read about her in Bon appetit .Ossobuco look so good!

  10. Kathy, how exciting that you met Dorie and that is really so sweet that she loved your AmFT--dog-eared, spattered, and all! Your Osso buco turned out utterly gorgeous and the colors make it a really evocative photo for Halloween. Company-worthy, indeed!

  11. Kathy, I am feeling really jealous right now! I'm going to check her schedule again and see if I can make it to one of her signings somewhere. I wish I had planned ahead and gone with you to that one! I wasn't smart enough to just pack the AMFT cover for Seattle so I hauled the entire book and she signed it there. Its one of my cooking related treasures:) Even though I used rabbit instead of veal this was one of our favorites too. Gary deemed it a great dinner party meal. I'm glad you and Bill enjoyed it. And happy birthday to your son!

  12. How nice, Kathy! I am not surprised to hear Dorie was so warm and welcoming... Love your osso buco, although it is so different from mine. Now I need to try this version! ~ David

  13. Such a fun post to read and so exciting to see you with Dorie. Love that she put such a personal message in your AMFT book. Bookplates, what a great and gracious idea!! Your osso buco looks spectacular. But then, your food always have a knack! :-)

  14. Now I'm really excited about the signing event in DC. Still can't believe my luck! I think we should all post pictures of our well-loved books by the end of the AMFT run.

    Very happy to hear this was a hit for you and Bill. It was delicious and definitely different from other osso buco dishes I've had.

  15. Great post! I am hoping to see Dorie on Monday here in Seattle.

  16. How exciting you got to meet Dorie :D She is such an idol!
    And beautiful Osso Buco, it looks warming and delicious!

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. How fun--Dorie just happening to do a book signing when you were in NYC! I had some lamb osso buco (from my annual lamb) which I used in a different dish--should have tried the real thing I guess.

  18. I am so happy you were able to go! I love that W-S - when we were there in September for my birthday, I dragged Joe through there more than once :-)

    I wasn't able to get my beef shanks at Shop Rite, but the store across the street from Shop Rite had them. If you hadn't posted your picture, I would never have thought to go there!

  19. Ohhhh, that is a dream, to have Dorie sign my well-worn AMFT cookbook. I didn't lug mine to Seatte (nor did you, apparently) but you were really wiae to take it to NYC. And, I have no doubts that Dorie was her gracious self when she saw you. Have you followed her publicity tour and celebrity stops the past few weeks. I don't know how she does it. So glad you had this experience. I am making the osso bucco late this month so have liked hearing all the thumbs up reviews. Yours looks delicious and I suspect, besides this one, it was another meal for you and Bill also.

  20. Oh, what a wonderful story. I'm so jealous that you got to meet Dorie AND get your book signed. Mine is also well used/loved/worn:-)

  21. Loved to hear about your trip to NY and Dorie too. What a treat. We enjoyed the osso buco too.

  22. That's so great that you brought AMFT for her to sign. It was lovely to meet her today. I think there will be Doristas at most of her stops on this book tour.

    The osso buco was delicious, even with the beef shanks that I used. I packed some up to bring to my parents and they loved it, too.

  23. Must have been so much fun meeting Dorie face to face! I love osso buco and I believe you when you say that it melted in your mouth! Looks delicious!

  24. How fun Kathy - you were definitely in the right place at the right time! Your Osso Buco à Ľarman sounds like a great dinner!

  25. The Osso Buco looks delicious. How exciting being able to meet and talk with Dorie.

  26. Dear Kathy, Such a nice and happy experience to meet the person behind the recipes. It must have been exciting.
    The Osso Buco sounds wonderful and quite comforting.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

  27. How exciting you got to see Dorie! And your osso buco looks wonderful!

  28. So exciting that you got to see Dorie again...your Osso Buco is fabulous, and so elegant, as well!

  29. Looks like it was great fun! I made Osso Bucco just the other day, and it was gone in minutes!