Friday, August 29, 2014

FFWD ~ Shiitake with Napa and Nuts

FFWD ~ Chanterelles  ~ I mean Shiitake with Napa and Nuts

I’m sure, if I were living in France, I would have had no problem finding the Chanterelle mushrooms needed for this week’s French Friday recipe. I spent several days in pursuit of those elusive mushrooms. Finally, after running from store to store, I settled on Shiitake. I was convinced there were no Chanterelles to be had in the Garden State.

In one store, I asked the produce guy if he had Chanterelles? He just looked at me and laughed!  I then said to him “I see you have Shiitakes”.  He looked at me puzzled, and asked, “What is a Shiitake”? I knew I was screwed!  Obviously he must have been new to produce, or this was his summer job! So after looking on-line, and seeing that Shiitakes can sub for Chanterelles, I bought a bunch. 
I was a bit nervous, after reading Gracie Hunt’s comment on FB.  She said, we shouldn’t substitute with Shiitakes because they have a stronger taste.  What choice did I have?

I loved this dish…can’t wait to try it the way Dorie intended it…once I find the elusive Chanterelles
This week’s recipe was not one I was looking forward to. Mushroom dishes are not a favorite with me. Don’t get me wrong. I love mushrooms! I just prefer them as part of something else…not the star!   Frankly, after last weeks pick, I was not looking forward to another failure! In full disclosure, last weeks salad turned out to be a winner after all. I loved it the second day, after all the flavors had melded. 

I read all the comments on our French Fridays P&Q’s page, concerning the Chanterelles, and saw that Cher used Shiitakes. She also added grapes. Dorie’s Bonne Idee! Dorie  suggested white grapes, but I only had red in the house.  I decided to go for it!  I also added more Napa, as Mary suggested! I made mine with the beef bouillon and soy sauce. The grapes added such a nice layer of flavor, and the mushrooms were wonderfully tasty. 

I absolutely loved this dish! I made it early in the day, because of photos!  Oh, the life of a food blogger! I ate some for lunch, and it was delicious! I will continue the hunt for the elusive Chanterelles.  I would still like to make this dish the way Dorie intended. Although for now, I’m quite happy with the Shiitake version! Happy Friday everyone!!

This recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspans cookbook, “Around My French Table or here. To see how the other Doristas did with this Elusive mushroom, check it out here.

No Chanterelles…but lovely Shiitakes
Cooking the mushrooms
The grapes added such a nice layer of flavor…Enjoy!



  1. It's nice to know that the Shitakes are a good substitute. I read Grace's comment also so was reluctant to make a substitution and ended up with a very pricey appetizer. Just because I have never cooked with (or, even tasted), I think, a chanterelle, I wanted to give it a go. If you find them, Kathy, be sure to grab them. What I will do now, is make this like you did and use the less expensive Shiitakes. At least you got your photos taken. I forgot to take the "finished plate". We did gobble these up.

  2. You tell me about Chanterele here in Indonesia, luckily i found the dried ones,
    your shiitake made me feeling slimmer and healthier already my friend, lol

  3. Look really amazing Kathy;)
    Nice pics!

  4. Amazing results you got there - very enticing! Will add grapes next time!

  5. Your mushrooms look great! I think you could sub in any fresh mushrooms for great results with this dish.

  6. Lovely photos of these mushrooms, they look so delicious :D
    And I usually don't even enjoy mushrooms!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. To be honest, I'm loving the look of some of these substitutes. I really enjoyed the original version, but some of these substitute versions look equally tasty. Which is nice to know because chanterelles have a very short season around these parts and once they are gone, they are gone!

  8. This looks mouthwatering, Kathy. Shiitake mushrooms taste just as great as chanterelles.

  9. I'm so impressed that this was hubby approved! I'd love to try it with chanterelles one day, too! Enjoy your holiday weekend, Kathy! xo

  10. Glad it worked out for you! I like the red grapes with the beef/ soy flavors - sounds perfect.

  11. It's good to know that this dish can be made with other mushrooms. I was ready to give up
    until Tricia showed up. Your dish looks great, I like the addition of the grapes, bet it gave a nice flavor.
    Have a great weekend, can't believe summer is over.

  12. So glad this combination worked, I happen to love Shitakes. Happy week-end to you!

  13. After reading everyone's posts, I'm convinced the type of mushrooms are not so important. There are so many other flavors in the dish. I love the idea of adding the grapes, though if I did, Howard wouldn't eat it. I really enjoyed this and if I ever find chanterelles (and the price doesn't knock me over), I will try it with those. I do think I'll be making this again this fall. Hope you have an excellent weekend!

  14. Mushrooms are a big problem nationwide, as most of the really fun ones do not keep well for shipping AND are extremely expensive. I am glad o used shiitakes, as this will make it so much more approachable for all. This looks like a real winner, Kathy! (PS - I am in the Pacific Northwest and even the local corner grocer is selling chanterelles... Sigh...)

  15. This has got me curious as to what mushrooms I might be able to get around here. I keep seeing recipes with "wild mushrooms" lately and have been thinking I may need to figure it out. Never know when the need for an exotic mushroom might sneak up on you, right? Thanks for the followup on the salad--I think I'm going to have to try it now.

  16. I think I lucked out because I'm on the West Coast - they were at the farmers' market this weekend. The chanterelles were special, but I'm going to make this dish again with whatever mushrooms are on hand. So glad you ended up liking last week's salad after all, too. Hope you're having a great long weekend!

  17. dear Kathy, I never had all the different variety of mushrooms I read about either. The standards of course, but the all the others.
    It is true the "life of a blogger" trying to get dishes done before the sun goes down. This will be a challenge now with the short sunlit days!
    I bet this was good and sounds healthy too.
    Blessings dear. Catherine