Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TWD~Summer Vegetable Tart

The lovely Summer Vegetable Tart
This week, for TWD-Baking With Julia, our recipe was for Summer Vegetable Tart, from contributing baker Gale Gand.  This tart was a big hit in my house.  The most consuming part was working with the phyllo pastry; taking four sheets of phyllo, and cutting them in half to make eight 8½ x 13 inch pieces.   My phyllo was not long enough to make two pieces, so I just cut eight sheets to the right size.  I have been working with phyllo since I was very young, and usually don’t have a problem with it.  However, I do remember the days when I struggled.  Using fresh is the best, it never sticks.  For most of us, we have no choice except to buy frozen.  Leave it in your refrigerator overnight or a few days to defrost.   If you try to defrost this very sensitive dough quickly, it will stick.  I say this from experience.
Start by layering the phyllo into your tart pan, brushing each sheet with melted butter and sprinkling with black pepper.  As you layer, press the sheets into the tart pan and up the sides of  the pan,  leaving a corner overhang. Rotate the pan as you layer, producing a pattern of jagged triangles.   My problem came while this baked.  The cookbook clearly states "watch while baking because it could puff"…it should say it will puff! I wasn’t watching very closely and, when I finally did peek, it was puffed up.  I used my spatula and pushed it down, but it had already started to crisp up, and the top layer cracked.  All in all it came out pretty well.

Wonderfully yummy!!
The filling was very easy to put together.  The time consuming part was, cutting all those veggies.
Heat your olive oil in pan, then add onion and garlic and cook till softened and translucent.  Then add your mushrooms and peppers. Cook until tender. Add the crumbled goat cheese and give it a quick stir. You don’t want to melt the cheese. Season with thyme, salt and pepper and pour into the baked shell. Serve this tart warm or at room temperature.

You will love this tart! I served mine with some grilled salmon for dinner. It was luscious! Will definitely be making it again.  This filling would be great in any baked pie shell, although I really enjoyed the phyllo crust.  I could also see adding some other veggies to the pan.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

If you would like to see how others in the group did with this recipe, check it out on Tuesdays with Dorie’s webpage.  The recipe is from the book Baking with Julia and was contributed by Gale Gand.

The phyllo lined tart pan ready for the oven
It was quite easy to put together
And it looks pretty impressive 
It went so well with my grilled salmon


adapted from Baking With Julia recipe by Gale Gand


4 sheets of phyllo (I used more)
1/2 C melted butter 
freshly ground black pepper
3 T olive oil
1 sweet onion, sliced (I used shallots)
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 pound of mushrooms, sliced
2 red bell peppers, sliced
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup crumbled goat cheese (I used a 4 oz. log and it was enough)


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Cut the four sheets of phyllo in half, they should measure about 8½ X 13 inches. Working one sheet at a time, brush with the melted butter, then sprinkle with fresh pepper. Place the sheets into a 9 inch tart pan with a removable bottom that has been placed on a parchment lined baking sheet. Continue with each sheet, rotating the pan slightly each time, allowing the edges to hang over the pan, creating a jagged triangle. Making sure to butter and season each sheet.

Bake until golden brown and crispy, about 7 to 12 minutes. Make sure you check…so that if it starts to puff, you can push it down gently with a spatula.

Cool on the sheet pan on a rack.
The shell can be made a few hours ahead and left at room temperature.


In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium to high heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook, stirring often, until soft and somewhat translucent, but not browned.

Add the mushrooms and peppers and cook, stirring, until the vegetables are cooked through.

Add the thyme, salt, and pepper, and stir.

Add the goat cheese, stir until heated but not melted, and immediately spoon the mixture into the tart shell. Spread with spatula.

Serve the same day the tart is made, either warm or at room temperature.


  1. I am SOLD! This is one beautiful veggie filo tart, Kathy.

  2. oh I love this!. Colorful & nutritious!

  3. Muy hermosa su tarta querida Kathy colorida,rica y elegante me encanta...Bravo..saludos y abrazos.

  4. Kathy, your vegetable tart surely is a winner for these hot summer days, along with the moist and perfect salmon!

    Love the phyllo tart, so light and easy to make with the beautiful colorful and delicious veggies!

  5. Yours turned out just how I imagined it should! Your layers of phyllo could not be any more perfect. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Wow, your tart looks fabulous. I'm impressed with how well your phyllo sheets were layered and stayed up. Great job!!
    I like that we used phyllo and didn't have to make pastry dough! Plus I think the phyllo made for a lighter meal than if it was an actual crust. A great summer meal that I will be making again.

  7. So pretty! I had a pretty good idea that you may have wrangled a sheet of phyllo or two in your day...

    (We had ours with fish too :-) )

  8. Your phyllo looks so perfect!!! Thanks for the tips on defrosting it. I had so much trouble with mine. I'm trying that next time. I love the salmon combo too.

  9. Your tart looks absolutely perfect, so full of colour and flavour :D


    P.S Because of my exams, I will not be commenting for around 4 weeks – see you afterwards!

  10. Simply delicious! - all the flavors of summer wrapped up in a great tart!
    Mary x

  11. Perfect summer tart. Who wouldn't love those crunchy buttery sheets of phyllo with their vegetable? Fun to bounce from blog to blog and see the different versions of this tart.

  12. Your tart looks quite beautiful. I also served this with salmon. It was a perfect pairing.

  13. I had the same problem with the crust puffing up. I love Gale Gand, but I agree that the recipe could have been clearer.

  14. Your tart turned out fantastic! So summery!

  15. Amazing pictures. They should be in the recipe book!

  16. Phyllo drives me CRAZY but it always makes for such a great presentation/pie crust in the end! Your tart looks delicious!

  17. Your tart looks lovely Kathy. Glad to see you have the knack of dealing with phyllo. Me - not so much.

  18. I did everything wrong and still it was great. Left the frozen phyllo out on the counter for an hour or two, used the "wrong" size sheets, forgot to sprinkle with pepper when I layered, and let it puff in the oven. Didn't look as pretty as yours, but it tasted amazing! Obviously, it's hard to go wrong with crunchy buttery phyllo and fresh summer vegetables. Thank goodness.

  19. beautiful pictures, amazing job!!!

  20. Looks wonderful Kathy. I am stuffing regular pie crust with everything I can think of lately but I have always been afraid to work with phyllo. Your tips are great--perhaps it's time to get over my fears (or maybe a bit later when the heat breaks...)

  21. I'm such a klutz when it comes to working with phyllo, Kathy. Perhaps Inger and I should take lessons together:)

    The filling sounds absolutely wonderful though so I too should try my hand yet again at phyllo.

    Salmon sounds like a wonderful companion. Thank you so much for sharing...

  22. I dropped out of TWD, but this looks like the perfect thing to be making this time of year. I'll add to the list of things to make with summer vegetables.

  23. This is so beautiful Kathy! I am definitely going to make this when the weather clears out a bit!