Thursday, June 6, 2013

TWD Savarin

TWD Savarin…Lovely

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Spring is always a busy time of year for our family.  Birthdays, end of school activities, baby showers, gardening, blogging and family visits. So much squeezed into such a short time. I take all these things seriously! This year, I lost my good grandmother status.  I bought the gift, and had my suitcases packed to visit my grandsons in Atlanta. We were leaving on the 20th, but my grandson R’s birthday is the 17th. Since his brothers birthday is on the 30th, we have a birthday week celebration. Cake, singing, candles and gifts!  However, I never forget to call on their day! That is, until this year!  What kind of grandmother forgets to call her grandson on his birthday.  The kind that was packing, planting her garden, baking, photographing and writing her FF post.  Also, wrapping the gifts for a baby shower she was attending.  I really didn’t forget the date. I just didn’t realize, that day was the 17th.  I thought I had another day.  Thankfully, I didn’t miss talking to him on his birthday…a little birdie called me.  That brings me to this week.  With all the craziness going on, I lost track of my Tuesdays with Dorie post.  I thought I still had another week.  I have to get myself a calendar that yells at me!!

A fancy Berry Shortcake
Our recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie this week was for a Savarin, by contributing baker David Blom.  I have always wanted to bake a Savarin.  It’s a rich French yeast cake, baked in a ring mold, and soaked in a rum or kirsch syrup. So, even though I’m a few days late posting, I’m so glad to say I did it. 
I did have some problems with this recipe. It seemed to not make enough batter to fill my bundt pan. It also bubbled quite a bit, and there was no mention to stir the dough down before placing it in the pan.  My first one deflated when I put it in the oven. That’s when I pulled up the video from PBS  Baking with Julia with David Blom, and viewed it.  It was quite informative. I followed the recipe in the video, increasing the volume. The most helpful thing I got from the video, was to stir down the dough before putting it into the baking pan.  My Savarin came out beautiful.  It was also delicious. Mine didn’t soak as much liquid as I would have liked but, with the whipped cream and berries, you couldn’t tell.  This was like a fancy berry shortcake.  I loved the rich texture of this yeast cake and, am looking forward to giving it another try.
So, even though I’m late, I’m really glad I got this one done….Happy Tuesday, oh I mean Thursday everyone! And a Happy Birthday to my grandson’s R and C!!

If you’d like to give this a try, here’s a link to the Savarin recipe and the Baba recipe.

Batter rising in baking pan
Cake with syrup spooned over it

I ate a piece for breakfast

Just plain good!! 


  1. Oh, this is beautiful! I just love making (and eating) Savarins...but I make them sparingly because the calorie count says that any sane person would make them I first made one when we were doing Le Cordon Bleu at Home with Whisk Wednesdays and it was a terrible thing for me to discover...they are so good!! Yours is just beautiful. And, just so you know, I used to think that whole forgetful thing was just an excuse but since I have become THIS AGE, I realize that it is in fact a reality that has nothing to do with excuses. Yikes. It happens. You, I am certain, are in no danger of losing that favored status in anyone's eyes! xo

  2. Such a beautiful cake! I'm sure your grandson will forgive you, especially if you bake treats for him. ;)

  3. Your savarin looks fantastic! So glad you were able to make it. I found watching the video really helped me. (if only I could remember to do that more often!)
    It was an interesting and surprisingly easy cake to make. I would like to try making it again and also the babas.

  4. What beautiful pictures! Great job! Catherine

  5. Berry shortcake. Yum.
    Hey, don't feel bad - my parents forgot my birthday once... In their defense, my brother had to go in the hospital for emergency surgery and they had to drive four states to get to him. The moral of the story is - life gets crazy and I forgave them :-)

  6. Yum! I haven't made a savarin in years but remember loving the boozy syrup poured all over it before serving with berries-just the best;-) Looks like you really enjoyed this recipe and it came out beautifully ;-)

  7. A fantastic savarin, Kathy. Love your baking pretty.

  8. Beautiful work! Love your cake pan.

  9. This looks absolutely delectable with all that cream and fruit!

  10. It looks delicious! I love your mold, it's fantastic.
    PS: Not a good idea reading TWD blogs at midnight: makes me want to run to the fridge :-)