Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Lovely Day in New Hope, Pa.

This summer we will not be going away on vacation. This is by choice. I really love to stay home during the summer. I think the weather in the north-east is glorious. Days are long and your senses overload with scents, sights and sounds. Essentially, my garden needs someone to look after it. Making sure the birds don't eat all my berries is a tough job. Last year I left for 2 weeks in August and came home to a mostly dead garden. I have decided this summer to be a day-tripper; so that I can take advantage of my beautiful NJ and the surrounding states. I live in the north-west corner of the state…known for mountains, lakes and we also host the State Fair. Two to three hours south is our wonderful coast line. The Shore, Atlantic City, and beautiful victorian Cape May!
Today my husband and I took a day trip to New Hope Pa., about 2 hours south of where we live. It is such a pretty drive through small quaint towns and beautiful farms that dot the Delaware River.     

Welcome to Beautiful New Hope Pa., one of the oldest towns along the Delaware River!
You could ride the rail for a scenic view of this beautiful part of Pa.
My favorite place to eat

Follow the brick path…

This is such a lovely place to eat…the view of the Delaware is amazing and the food is very good

In the fall and winter they have inside dining with fireplaces…so cozy!
My lunch...A Waldorf Chicken Salad…Delicious!

The view from The Landing restaurant…On the Delaware River…I can see NJ from here!
Love the iron work

A very old church, now a restaurant

Indian Logan...In the 1820s a ten foot tall Native American weathervane was crafted of heavy sheet iron by Samuel Cooper and painted by Joseph Moon. Acccording to folklore the Chief of the Lenni Lenape Indians exchanged names with James Logan, secretary and family steward to William Penn. This pole with the Indian figure atop has been a familiar New Hope landmark for many years.
This is the Perry Mansion built in the 1784…one of the loveliest and oldest homes in New Hope.
 Such beautiful old architecture…This was by the old ferry landing
This theater is curently closed due to the owner defaulting on his loan. It was always buzzing with activity and drew tourists to New Hope with productions going on all summer long. My husband and I saw  "Phantom of The Opera" there a few years ago. The future of this theater is in question at the moment. It would be a tragedy if it does not reopen.
They have started  a Conservancy to try and save the theater and reopen it.  
The theater’s history is long. A local group, including Broadway producer Moss Hart, who lived in Bucks County, opened the playhouse 72 years ago with a production of “Springtime for Henry” featuring Edward Everett Horton. The theater had been the venue for some Broadway tryouts, but more significantly, a place that developed a litany of future and current stars of Broadway and Hollywood including George Scott, Ruth Gordon, Robert Redford, Helen Hayes, Colleen Dewhurst, Claude Raines, Shirley Booth, Grace Kelly and Walter Matthau ( from article by Curt Yeske for NJ.com ).

The old Stockton Inn is just a few miles north of New Hope on the NJ side of the Delaware River

We have stayed here a few times and it is such a lovely place
The Glass Dining Room!  This was once the original Stockton Inn patio. It is now an enclosed glass dining room, the stone floor has many US Silver Dollars embedded in the concrete between the flagstones. The Silver Dollars date back to the late 1880s and 1890s.

During the Depression several artists stayed at the Stockton Inn and painted this mural for room and board. The Primary artist was Robert A.D. Miller. The painting began about 1929 and finished in early 1935. It encompassed several rooms.

Lorenz Hart, musical collaborator with Richard Rodgers, wrote the song, "There's A Small Hotel" while staying here. (You could listen Here!) This famous song was inspired by the Stockton Inn and it's tranquil garden setting. The song was originally intended for the Broadway Musical Jumbo produced by Billy Rose. Because of the length of the production, the song was pulled just before opening and later appeared in another of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Harts collaborations, a 1936 Broadway hit, On Your Toes.

So that's it! Time to go! Hope you enjoyed the visit! Oh wait!! One more stop before we go home...no trip to New Hope is complete without a stop at Dilly's Corner for ice cream!  It is on the Pa. side across the river from Stockton.


  1. Kathy

    I have enjoyed that trip to New Hope with you'all~ Don't know that part of the country and eager to explore, as it is so different from the Southwest; it reminded me of a charming movie that takes place in a town called hope in that area, with Colin Firth and that beautiful British actress (forgot her name) ;anyway the movie is called Hope changes and it is so romantic and cute! Perfectly suited to the picturesque little towns and scenic vistas.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I went to New Hope when I was a young but haven't been there since I was in high school. Your pictures brought back nice memories of this charming town! You're so right that this part of the country is beautiful with so much history to explore! Hope you are enjoying your summer and the cooler weather (It was 105 with the heat index here yest., ugh).

  3. I've never been to New Hope, but now I know that I'm going to. Thanks for sharing your trip! Looks like there are tons of great things to do and eat there.

  4. What a great travelogue!I'm in a staycation frame of mind this year, too.

  5. What a lovely day you had, Kathy! I absolutely love day trips like this and we haven't done that in awhile. I think it is the perfect way to spend your summer. I feel the same way about leaving for an extended period of time because there is always the worry about the garden and pets. I think staying home and seeing the small towns near by is the perfect summer vacation. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!

  6. Hi, Kathy! It's funny that you commented on my photos of the area we live in, because I was thinking the same about yours! It's really neat to get an insider's view and realize how vast & diverse our great country is.

    We've also decided the same thing about staying put this summer. We've been talking about visiting Charleston in the fall since we never get to see the leaves change color here.

  7. What a lovely place, Kathy! I enjoyed the scenic tour your took us on with your beautiful photos, and history.
    So nice to take a few hours ride and find a totally different town, and scenery.
    Thanks for sharing...you're such a nice friend:DDD

  8. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist near home. I enjoyed your post about New Hope. What a nice picture tour. My grandmother used to live in Bucks County, so we visited New Hope a few times. I forgot how cute it is. I've also enjoyed antique shopping across the river in Lambertsville. Enjoy your summer daytrips!

  9. I have a friend who has a very similar mural in her old house as the one in the inn picture... I wonder if the style was popular at the same artists painted. I can't wait to ask her if she knows the artist/s name.