Friday, May 6, 2011

French Fridays with Dorie Tourteau de Chèvre

My beautiful Tourteau de Chèvre

My daughter had a best friend when she was in high school, whose mother was a French teacher. Just about every summer they would host a French exchange student. There was one summer she hosted a lovely girl, that was quite taken with our family and American cheesecakes. All summer long the 3 girls hung out at our house. It was the summer that I wore a cast on my leg, due to a broken ankle! I remember this because this lovely french girl wanted to make a cheesecake. She said there was nothing like it in France. So, on my crutches, I guided the three girls in the process of making a cheesecake. When she went back to France she took my recipe with her. I don't know if she ever got to make my cheesecake but, last night I got to make a French cheesecake called "Tourteau de Chèvre". She and Dorie are right. Nothing like an American cheesecake….but oh so delicious! Dorie said she hesitated calling it a cheesecake because it is not soft, creamy, moist or rich! Not what most americans think of when they think cheesecake.  But, rather much like a spongecake. This delectable cake can be eaten out of your hand.  It is firm and not very sweet. Dorie suggests you try serving this as an aperitif with a glass of white wine, for a snack with tea, or dessert! I think I'll probably be serving mine as a dessert! Like most of the recipes I have made in this book, the names make them sound stuffy and difficult to make. It was incredibly easy! It is made with 5 eggs separated, and 9 ounces of goat cheese with a tart dough crust. I chose to make the sweet tart crust. As I was mixing it in the food processor, I thought it was way too dry. This was a problem I ran into the last time I made this crust.  I added 2 tablespoons of ice water to the food processor until it started to form a dough, and hold together. When it was time to roll out, it rolled effortlessly. I placed it into the 8 inch springform pan and refrigerated it while I made the cake.  I separated my eggs and beat my egg whites till they formed soft peaks. I then added 2 tablespoons of sugar. When they formed stiff peaks I set the bowl aside. I then beat the egg yolks, goat cheese, sugar, cornstarch and flavorings. I chose to use the orange blossom water and brandy.  I then folded it into the egg whites and poured this into the refrigerated tart crust.  I baked mine about 40 minutes. I checked it at 35 minutes however, the knife did not come out clean and it seemed to need a bit more time.  That was last night before I went to bed. When I woke this morning, there it was sitting on my counter. Beautiful, calling out to me to take a piece. After I took my pictures...I took a bite. All I can say is OMG absolute deliciousness!! We are asked not to publish the recipe but, this one has already been published and you can find it HERE!!
You can also find it in Dorie Greenspans cookbook "Around My French Table".

The sweet tart dough
Wrapped to refrigerate

Tart dough rolled out

Egg whites getting foamy

Egg whites thickening

Ready to be folded into egg yolks

Egg yolk mixture

Folding yolks into whites

In the springform pan ready to bake

Just out of the oven

Outer ring removed…lovely

Toureteau de Chèvre

After trying this, I can see serving this all the ways Dorie suggests…I'm sure it's wonderful with a glass of wine!
Maybe tonight!!


  1. I am just so jealous of how nicely your rolled out sweet tart dough turned out! Your cake looks so great with the strawberries on top!

  2. Lovely!
    Your tourteau came out just like the one in the book, puffed and browned perfectly. I want to make this again soon, we loved it;-)

  3. Your torteau is gorgeous! I love the strawberries on top.
    Thanks for your suggestion to add water to the dough. I was also wondering what would happen if I used the whole egg instead of just the yolk in the dough.

  4. Kathy, your process photos are really lovely this week! You did such a good job capturing every step, I bet someone could make this without the directions, just an ingredient list and your photos.

  5. Ciao Kathy ! I love the elegance of your presentation !

  6. how did you get yours so puffy? it looks beautiful! especially with the ring of strawberries on top.

  7. Asolutely beautiful, Kathy! I didn't get a chance to make this as we had out of town guests this week. Looking forward to seeing photos of your garden! Have a great weekend!

  8. Very nice, Kathy. I let mine sit covered overnight and actually did not find it to be dry at all. Kind of like a ricotta cake.

    Love the oven puff & crack.

  9. Beautiful work! It looks very picture perfect :) I think I want your springform pan too haha

  10. Absolutely perfect! Isn't it wonderful when a recipe works so beautifully?

  11. Hi Kathy, this looks wonderful! Orange blossom water and chevre sounds like a great combination. Happy mothers day to you too!

  12. Kathy-Your "Dorie" recipes turn out so beautiful, and perfect, each and every time. Your step-by-step photos are incredible, as well.
    I sure would love a piece of that yummy French cheesecake, right now!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  13. BTW Kathy-I was so happy to pay forward the award to you. You really deserve it!

  14. Really great process photos and your tort is perfect...just like Dorie's picture. And I enjoyed your story. Very nice post!

  15. Your cake turned out beautiful, so nice and brown on top. I
    love the addition of the strawberries. Tricia and I made one
    together and it was a lot of fun. Last night I had a small slice
    with a bit of blood orange marmalade on top and it was
    scrumptious. I love all of the photos.

  16. Love your process photos. Great looking tourteau :)

  17. Love the ring of strawberries - so pretty!

  18. Beautiful shots! I served this to my mom and she requested another piece to have with her tea the next day. Just as you present here. Great job.

  19. I didn't get to make this recipe either, but will have to make it later. Your photos are gorgeous and so is your torteau!