Friday, May 13, 2011

French Fridays with Dorie Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Spring has finally come to our part of New Jersey. With spring comes lots of spring clean-up. I have been working on my flower and vegetable gardens for the last 2 weeks. Today, I finally have most of the work behind me. I spent this morning putting seeds in the ground and tomorrow I will be planting my tomatoes and zucchini plants. In a short time, we will be enjoying the fruits of our labors. The best part!!
But, today is friday and that means FFWD! This weeks recipe was Dories Spinach Bacon Quiche. Quiche, is usually a "go to" in my house. I make quiches for brunch, lunch or sometimes even dinner on a warm night with a nice salad.  I have made quiches with crusts and without. Dories recipe called for her Tart Dough Crust. I've made it before and find it to be a delicious pastry. I did add an extra teaspoon of ice water to the food processor. I always find the tart dough in this book a little dry. When ready to use I rolled it out and had no problems. I did not bake it first...because I didn't read that part of the instructions. It came out wonderful, regardless of my failure to read through. I did make a few changes to the recipe.  I chose to cut back on the spinach. My husband eats quiche but he is not fond of cooked spinach or onions. So…I added mushrooms to take the place of about half the spinach and I replaced the onions with green onions. I did not cook my spinach the way Dorie suggested. After I cooked the bacon, I sauteed my garlic and mushrooms together, when they were cooked through, I added the spinach and green onions to the pan to steam.  I then sprinkled the bacon on the bottom of the pie crust and about half a cup of grated swiss cheese on top of that. At this point I added the sauteed veggies. I made the custard with 3 eggs and the 2/3 cup of heavy cream. Poured it over the veggies and sprinkled on the parmesan.  Then to the oven to bake. It came out great! This recipe has now been added to my "Go To" file for quiche! My husband enjoyed it, too!
This recipe can be found in Dorie Greenspans cookbook "Around My French Table". You can buy it here, Around My French Table

Making my tart dough

Rolled out and placed into tart pan

Tart dough, placed into tart pan….I took my rolling pin and rolled it over the
edge of the pan to cut the dough evenly,  "It's a Good Thing"

Bacon cooking

Mushrooms and garlic ready for the fry pan

Tart waiting for the custard

Custard and cheese, ready for the oven

Bon Appétit!!


  1. Beautiful, Kathy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Absolutely love the look of your sliced mushrooms! Your quiche looks great!

  3. Beautiful! I approve of all your yummy tweaks!

  4. Wow, my first comment has to be how beautifully browned you got your quiche, looks like you've made a few of these! I never make quiche but now I think I will change that! I also like the mushrooms, great addition. Isn't it great to get out in the garden after a long Winter;-)

  5. Your version looks delicious! Adding mushrooms was a great idea!

  6. Love those process photos...beautiful quiche. Looks perfect. And your side salad really looks good...that's what I want to eat right now.

  7. I like the addition of the mushrooms to the quiche, I am going to
    try that soon. Your quiche looks great, especially along side a
    salad. The end result is so well baked and perfectly browned.
    Tricia and I both thought the recipe a keeper, and both families
    enjoyed them.

  8. Another success, it looks delicious...I will try this version. Love fresh mushrooms and the addition of 2 types of cheese. Lovely pictures.

  9. Your quiche looks delicious and beautiful! I'm totally adding mushrooms next time. I wish I'd thought of it! I've given you the Versatile Blogger award because I've really been enjoying reading your blog!

  10. What a great idea to add the mushrooms. Your quiche looks delicious and is perfectly golden! I used less spinach than the recipe called for as well and it didn't hurt the flavor one bit. Loved, loved this dish!

  11. I love your variations on this quiche. Your version looks delicious.
    I agree with you about spring's arrival. I am so ready. And spending time in the garden is so satisfying.