Monday, February 14, 2011

Farmers Market in Seaside Florida

Beautiful Seaside Florida…the movie "Truman" was shot in this town.

We are staying in Seaside, Florida. It is absolutely one gorgeous place and we are lucky enough to see the beautiful Gulf from our porch. It is 6:00 am and the sun is starting to rise over the Gulf. The sky is an awesome pink. Today is promising to be a lovely day. It has warmed up quite a bit and our temperature should be in the high 50's with a bright sunny sky. No snickering! I left NJ a week ago with temps that were below zero. The 50's sound tropical to me. The best part of today will be the farmers market that this town does every weekend. I love this farmers market. The last time I was here they had a duck egg lady, a Middle Eastern food booth, a farmer who sells his persimmons and other fruit. As if that wasn't enough, today they will be having a flea market as well. Last October when we were down here I wanted to buy the duck eggs. They happened to be ten dollars a dozen. I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much for a dozen eggs, even though they were organic duck eggs!! So for the last few months (just in case you haven't guessed I'm a bit obsessive) I have thought of those eggs and how I wished I had tried them. I told myself this February when I am in Florida, I will try those duck eggs at least once.

Roaming the farmers market was so enjoyable. The sun felt so warm even though the temps never went above 58 degrees. The honey man was back with his 3 or 4 varieties of honey. I still have my jar from last year. He called it popcorn honey…a deep dark honey. So very delicious. A faint resemblance to molasses. There were a few new booths, one being the dairy booth. All fresh organic dairy products made at a local dairy farm. Milk, cream, freshly made butter. Then I saw the duck egg lady…I walked away and checked out the flea market for a few hours. But, I knew I was going to buy those eggs before I left.

I found the cutest little rice bowls, $2.00 each. I also found a cute little dress I think my granddaughter will love. The hours passed with not much more excitement, so I decided to go get those eggs and go home.

OK, after all my lusting…the eggs were good, not amazing! They had a very rich taste but all and all, just EGGS! We did enjoy my frittata and the fried eggs had huge yolks!

The Seaside Farmers Market banner

Fruit and veggie stand

The Honey man…sells several different kinds of honey

Middle Eastern food stand

Fresh dairy…organic milk sold in glass bottles. Butter, cream, milk and cheese!

Juice Bar

This was at 9 am in the morning…crowds of people roaming till about 3 in the afternoon.
The coveted duck eggs...

One thing I did notice about these eggs were the yolks are quite a bit bigger.

So for lunch that afternoon I made a frittata...

And for breakfast the next day, I made my famous egg dish! Toast brushed with
olive oil and fried along with the eggs and fresh salsa made with olive oil and
balsamic vinegar on the side!

And I found these charming little rice dishes for only $2.00 each

…The view from our porch



  1. So glad you finally got your eggs, you talked about them last year as well.....they look wonderful. You pictures made me feel like I was back in Seaside, very good. I love your special egg dish and so did John, teach me to make it. Glad you are having fun!

  2. What a great find with those bowls! And the duck eggs look really good. I'm counting down the days until the Chicago Farmers' Markets come back!

  3. I enjoyed your post, immensely, and the gorgeous photos of your vacation in the Gulf. Those eggs are so fresh and I can imagine how delicious they were. We have the Farmers' market here, in West Palm Beach every Saturday morning, starting about 7:00AM till about 2 in the afternoon. Really such a fun adventure.
    So happy for you that you're enjoying the Real Florida sunshine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow it sounds like you're having a lovely time ... and what a view!

  5. Found you from Ms.Anthropologist! LOVE the name...wonder why ;)

  6. Those bowls are so pretty!

    My parents used to have ducks on their hobby farm, so I've eaten them and baked with them.

  7. Seaside looks like a lovely place, Kathy. What a great deal on those bowls! The local honey in Florida is fantastic and the popcorn honey sounds really good. Try to pick up some tupelo honey if they have it - it is a spring honey and sweet.

  8. What a lovely post! One of my friends who raises ducks is going to give me some eggs, so it was interesting to read about your experience with them.

  9. Thank you all for you lovely comments. I so enjoy hearing from all of you.
    YC, the Chicago farmers market must be much bigger and so much more exciting then the tiny Seaside one, but I do enjoy it. Elizabeth, The eggs were so fresh and Fla. was wonderful. Onewetfoot, How nice to have grown up with parents with a small farm…everything so fresh. Elaine, Seaside is a beautiful place and we do so much enjoy it..will have to try tupelo honey next time we are there. CAM, How nice to get fresh eggs given to you!