Friday, January 21, 2011

Chicken B'stilla French Fridays with Dorie

I live in a rural area of NJ and the year we moved into our home 14 other new homes were built on our street. My "new" next door neighbor was from Texas and wanted to get us all together so we would get to know each other.  Her plan was to start a Bunco group. None of us had ever heard of Bunco but, it sounded like fun, so we were in!! That was 23 years ago. Through the years we have lost members, added new people, and still have 5 original members. We take turns hosting monthly. This is our monthly gab fest…a time to catch up with one another, a time to relax, drink some wine, eat some food and laugh…actually a lot of laughing!! Oh, and we do play Bunco, too! This happens to be my month to host. As I went over what I wanted to serve, I realized we would be meeting on friday night and it just so happens that the Chicken B'stilla (pronounced ba-stee-ya) would be a great addition to my menu. I am sure the girls will love it….it sounds so delicious to me. The flavors are Moroccan…cinnamon, coriander and ginger, all of which permeate your kitchen while the chicken is marinating.  Thursday morning I marinated the chicken for 2 hours. I then added the chicken broth to the pot. I let this simmer for another 2 hours. Then removed the chicken to a bowl, let it cool and shredded it. I had poured the broth through a sieve and removed the onions. Now it was time to make the sauce. I had about 4 cups of broth that I put into a pot and boiled slowly until it reduced to about a cup and 1/2. I then added the egg and honey mixture,  whisking while pouring into the broth. The sauce came together well but, took a while (6 or 7 minutes) to thicken. That was it. I added the chicken and onions and refrigerated. Putting this dish together was fairly easy for me, since I have worked with phyllo dough often. I have to say my phyllo was not cooperating today. It became brittle while I was working with it. I just got rid of the top few sheets and then I had no problem. I put this lovely dish into the oven about an hour ago because I want to serve it tonight.  I cannot describe how absolutely fabulous the aroma is...I can't wait to dig in!
Hopefully the girls will love this!!

For all my FFWD friends…whoops….I made the wrong recipe! I originally planned my Bunco night for next week and plans changed. So I had it in my head we were making the chicken b'stilla! I can't wait to make the chocolate mousse cake. It looks so delicious on all of your blogs!! 
Chicken ready for the marinade…I used skinless boneless thighs.  Can't believe I had saffron in the house.
Everything ready to mix
Simmering on stove
The sauce
Chicken shredded, mixed with onion and sauce
Phyllo with nuts 
Put me in the oven
Wow! Can't wait to dig in!
Bon Appetit!


  1. So impressive looking! I'm anxious to try this dish out now!

  2. Kathy, this looks wonderful! I am really looking forward to making this now. I love your photos and I was wondering how to do the phyllo and your photos really help! I am sure it was a perfect dish for your Bunco group.

  3. Your dish turned out so pretty! I'm excited but nervous to make this dish. I'm more of a baker of goodies than a baker of savory main dishes. Plus, I don't cook with chicken thighs that often. Your post gives me hope!

  4. Kathy-What a coincidence. I just made boneless chicken thighs but your French version of the chicken thighs is a whole different story...French, and classy, and over the top beautiful, and delicious.
    What a great job you did with simple boneless chicken breast...the rest, is a work of art!

  5. Kathy, your b'stilla looks amazing!! I made this dish a few weeks ago, and it came out great. Having never worked with phyllo before, I'm happy to report that mine came out looking a lot like yours.

  6. Kathy this looks great. I'm looking forward to doing this recipe and now I want to even more. B:)

  7. Thanks for the preview, Kathy! I'm looking forward to this recipe. I hope mine turns out as beautifully as yours.

  8. Thanks for all your great comments! As you can see I mixed up the recipe order this week. All I can say is it came out great and we all enjoyed it! I really enjoy hearing from all of you and love your comments! I can't wait to try the Chocolate Mousse cake! All of your's look so beautiful!
    Elizabeth, Thanks so much for visiting my blog…your comments are so appreciated! Loved your tomato soup can't wait to try it!

  9. Food fit for the "Gods"....just a beautiful dish. I am afraid of the phyllo as well, did you pull apart individual sheets? That's what it looks like. I love the idea of the almonds in the dish. Looks delicious and I may give it at try. Your pictures are, once again, perfection.