Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

The eve of a new year is upon us! For most of us we get to make new resolutions that we won't keep!  Diet….exercise…Really?  I resolve to stop wasting time! Huh…but as long as I have this computer…that's not going to happen!!
I always start the year by having a family open house on New Years Day. I took the tradition over from my aunt and, I am still doing it 23 years later. There have been years where we had upwards of 45 people. Last year only 10. The children are all grown, live in other states and no longer come. The South called several family members…warmer temps…no snow…more golf….and lower taxes! This year they only got the lower taxes!  However, we still gather and miss them all. We will talk to many of them during the day and wish they were here with us. This year looks like we'll have a few more people then last year.  I really never know how many will come until the day of the party. I always bake a ham, using the leftovers to make a big pot of pea soup the following week. I will also make a pan of lasagna, a potato casserole, tabouli salad and a cabbage salad. My sister-in-law always brings her famous baked beans, my cousin will bring her baked kibbi and my aunt will bring her rice pilaf, cooked in the pot my grandmother  used. I will also make a Creme a la creme for dessert. This is a lovely creamy (don't get turned off by this) gelatin dessert.  It's made with heavy cream, sour cream, sugar, vanilla and Knox gelatin. I hope it gets eaten up on New Years day because I really don't need it in my fridge calling my name. Did I mention it calls for heavy cream??
Wishing all a very happy, healthy New Year!

Creme a la Creme

One envelope unflavored gelatin
3/4 cup of sugar
2 cups of heavy cream
 1 tablespoon vanilla 
 2 cups sour cream
Garnish with grenadine syrup and raspberries.
Serves 8 or more

In a saucepan, mix gelatin and sugar. Stir in the heavy cream. Let stand 5 minutes.
Place saucepan over low heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Remove and cool to lukewarm.
Add vanilla and sour cream, blending till smooth. Pour into 1 1/2 qt. mold. Refrigerate until set. 
At least 2 hours. Un-mold and spoon grenadine over top and garnish with raspberries.

Heavy cream, sugar and gelatin warming on stove

All ingredients mixed and poured into mold. Since New Years Day is tomorrow I can't show you the unmolded dish!!
If I can get a photo before all dig in I will post later!

The finished Creme a la Creme....with Chambord drizzled on top….Yummy!

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  1. Hi Kathy, looks great, yet again a very interesting recipe and love your comments.