Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FFWD ~ Hachis Parmentier

Many years ago, when my children were very young, my husband started a game.  When I made a meal for the first time (which happened quite often because I loved to try new dishes)  they would all rate my meals from 1 to 10. They would then let me know whether or not it was a keeper!! I haven't thought of this game in quite a while, until tonight!
Since I was away when FFWD started, I have not posted any of the first 3 picks. However, the Hachis Parmentier really appealed to me. So tonight I made it for dinner.  I actually cooked the meat and broth yesterday and put the dish together tonight. I chopped the beef with a chefs knife, rather then a food processor and then sauteed the sausage. I used turkey Italian sausage, trying to make it a bit more healthy. The fragrance of this dish simmering on my stove was incredible. I was tempted to use some wine in the sauce but, wanted to stay true to the recipe for the first time. I then boiled the potatoes and riced them as suggested. I also used a smoked gruyere cheese.  Dinner time!!

That's when those memories, of my kids laughing around my kitchen table, shouting out, "I give it a 5" or "I give it a 10" or "This is a  keeper, mom", came rushing back!  After my husband took his first bite, he looked up and said to me  "this is a 10….a real keeper"!  To be honest, I agree!

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  1. Great post - looks like a 10, Mom! Where can I find the recipe?